Growth and maturation in human biology and sports

Growth and maturation in human biology and sports
Growth and maturation in human biology and sports

Katzmarzyk, Peter Todd, ed. lit.; Silva, Manuel J Coelho e, ed. lit.

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra

ISBN: 978-989-26-0561-6

Table of Contents
The honoree: Robert Marion Malina

Malina, Bruce J.

Robert M. Malina: a renaissance man and big picture human biologist

Bouchard, Claude

The FELS method of skeletal maturity

Chumlea, William Cameron; Nahhas, Ramzi W.; Sherwood, Richard J.; Duren, Dana L.

The timing and sequence of growth spurts in different body dimensions during adolescence

Geithner, Christina A.

Physical growth and health status of mexican american youth: overview of past research by Robert M. Malina and fellows

Zavaleta, Antonio N.

Biological and health consequences of human mobility

Bielicki, Tadeusz; Lipowicz, Anna; Szklarska, Alicja; Kozieł, Sławomir; Łopuszańska, Monika; Kołodziej, Halina

Development of strenght parameters during childhood and youth: a longitudinal study from Cariri, Brazil

Silva, Simonete; Beunen, Gaston; Claessens, Albrecht; Baxter-Jones, Adam; Prista, António; Freitas, Duarte; Seabra, André; Garganta, Rui; Maia, José

Robert M Malina: contributions to the study of physical growth, development, and performance in Brazil

Ferreira, Maria Beatriz Rocha

Impact of elevated blood lead on growth, maturation and physical fitness: research in the copper basin of Southwestern Poland

Little, Bertis B.; Ignasiak, Zofia; Sławińska, Teresa; Malina, Robert M.

Stature-obesity relationships among 11,000 school-aged american indian children

Himes, John H.; Story, Mary

Using PAQ-C among brazilian youth

Silva, Rosane C Rosendo da

New directions in the study of maturation and physical activity

Cumming, Sean P.

Physique, adiposity and risk for chronic disease

Katzmarzyk, Peter T.; Bouchard, Claude

Tracking and prediction of track and field events in untrained adolescent boys from 12 to 17 years of age

Lefevre, Johan; Ponnet, Paul; Claessen, Albrecht; Thomis, Martine; Beunen, Gaston P

Age at menarche in athletes: interactions among central mechanisms

Rogol, Alan D

The digit ratio (2D:4D) and sport performance: a study on elite female gymnasts

Claessens, Albrecht L.; Peeters, Maarten W.

Big league dreams: a brief literature review and commentary on the youth baseball player

Eisenmann, JC

Characteristics of contrasting skeletal maturity status at the beginning of long-term soccer training

Figueiredo, António J; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J; Severino, Vítor; Rebelo-Gonçalves, Ricardo; Malina, Robert M.

Characteristics of youth sport participants and non-participants in Mexico City

Siegel, Shannon R.; Cumming, Sean P.; Peña Reyes, Maria Eugenia; Cárdenas Barahona, Eyra E.; Malina, Robert M.

Gaston P. Beunen (1945-2011)

Malina, Robert M