International studies in time perspective

International studies in time perspective
International studies in time perspective

Paixão, Maria Paula, ed. lit.; Silva, José Tomás da, ed. lit.; Ortuño, Victor, ed. lit.; Cordeiro, Pedro, ed. lit.

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra

ISBN: 978-989-26-0668-2

Table of Contents
“Start thinking what are you going to be when adult!”: the relationship between parental time orientation and the emergence of episodic foresight in preschool aged children

Vásquez, Alejandro; Cruz, Orlanda

Developmental change of orientations to self-change during adolescence

Yuta, Chishima

Self as future: vocational life-narratives and identity exploration in adolescence

Jesus, Paulo R.

Temporal orientation and future time perspective of adolescents in institutional care

Lima, Luiza Nobre

Antisocial behaviours in adolescence: the importance of personal history, present development and future perspective

Morgado, Alice Murteira; Dias, Maria da Luz Vale

Future time ambiguity types within younger and older adults

Strizhitskaya, Olga Y.; Petrash, Marina D.

Time perspective of older adults: research and clinical practice

Kazakina, Elena

Influence of early stressful life events on the future expectancy changes and current addictions in homeless people

Fajardo Bullón, Fernando; Santos, Eduardo J. R.

Time perspective orientation and big-five dimensions: an exploratory study in the portuguese population

Figueira, Pedro; Bártolo-Ribeiro, Rui

Satisfaction with life and college social integration: a time perspective multiple regression model

Ortuño, Victor E. C.; Gomes, Catarina V. M.; Vásquez, Alejandro; Belo, Pedro; Imaginário, Susana; Paixão, Maria Paula; Janeiro, Isabel Nunes

Connection between self-attitude components and personal time perspective profiles

Mandrykina, Maria; Molchanova, Olga

Positive and negative affect in daily and weekly variations from the physiological and social perspective

Wilczynska, Agnieszka

Time perspective, meaning in life and subjective well-being in macedonian undergraduate students

Shterjovska, Marija; Achkovska-Leshkovska, Elena

Transition to Higher Education: lifestyle changes, health condition and academic success of first-year students

Soares, Andreia; Pereira, Marco; Canavarro, José

Characteristics and consequences of temporal orientation for psychological well-being: learning from the past, fearing the future and living for today

Jones, James M.; Leitner, Jordan B.; Marshall, Charlotte; Jing, Yiming; Lee, Jeong Min

Action planning fosters adoption of regular physical activity behavior among low-control individuals with high intention

Chamberland, Pier-Eric; Miquelon, Paule

The relationship between time perspective and death attitude in women patients with type II diabetes

Nozari, Masoumeh; Dousti, Yarali; Ahmad, Roya Raoufi

The role of future time perspective in career decision making

Walker, Terrance L.; Tracey, Terence J. G.

Occupational choice factor and professional future perspective in early adulthood

Petrash, Marina D.; Strizhitskaya, Olga Y.

The influence of future time perspective in career decision-making: the mediating role of work hope

Atanásio, Paula; Paixão, Maria Paula; Silva, José Tomás da

The role of feedback from teachers in the perspective of future development of young’s career attending courses EFA and PIEF

Martins, Dulce; Carvalho, Carolina

Why is the distance between what we know and what we don’t know always beyond of what we can achieve with our velocity of learning?

Rodrigues, Nuno Álvaro Ferreira; Kovacec, Alexander; Almeida, Ana Cristina Ferreira de

The effect of combined mastery-cooperative learning on working memory capacity, self-efficacy and academic achievement in grade skipping

Ghoreishi, Monir Kalantar; Kargar, Flor Rezaei; Ajilchi, Bita; Kazemlou, Maryam

Effect of teaching creative and critical thinking skills on defense styles and mental health in adolescents

Kargar, Flor Rezaei; Ajilchi, Bita; Ghoreishi, Monir Kalantar

Testing the Zimbardo time perspective inventory: japanese validation study

Takahashi, Kiyoshi; Shimane, Masamitsu; Ono, Yoshio; Hattori, Yasuhiro

Validation of the spanish version of the consideration of future consequences scale

Vásquez, Alejandro; Martín, Ana; Maiche, Alejandro

An exploratory approach to time perspective theory and research

Ortuño, Victor E. C.; Gomes, Catarina V. M.; Paixão, Maria Paula; Janeiro, Isabel Nunes

Different measures of future orientation may yield opposite predictions of environmental attitudes and behavior

Carmi, Nurit

Identification of the multidimensional model of subjective time experience

Flaska, Karel; Cakirpaloglu, Panajotis

Time in robot cognition: an emerging research branch

Maniadakis, Michail; Trahanias, Panos