Advances in forest fire research

Advances in forest fire research
Advances in forest fire research

Viegas, Domingos Xavier (ed.)

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra

ISBN: 978-989-26-0884-6 (PDF)

Table of Contents
Estimating daily fire risk in the mesoscale by means of a Bayesian network model and a coupled GIS

Papakosta, Panagiota; Scherb, Anke; Zwirglmaier, Kilian; Straub, Daniel

Exploring the capability to forecast wildfires: spatial modelling of the Tavira/São Brás de Alportel 2012 wildfire

Pinto, Renata Machado dos Santos; Sá, Ana; Benali, Akli; Pereira, José Miguel Cardoso; Fernandes, Paulo M.

Fire effects on the physical environment in the WUI using FIRETEC

Pimont, F.; Dupuy, J-L.; Linn, R. R.

Firebrand generator system applied to wildland-urban interface research

Oliveira, Ricardo; Quesada, Clara; Viegas, Domingos X.; Freitas, E.; Raposo, J.

Gaining benefits from adversity: the need for systems and frameworks to maximise the data obtained from wildfires

Chong, Derek M.; Cirulis, Brett A.; Duff, Thomas J.; Walsh, Sean F.; Penmanb, Trent D.; Tolhust, Kevin G.

Global burned area maps from MERIS

Alonso-Canas, Itziar; Chuvieco, Emilio

Global mapping of burned areas from European satellites: the fire_cci project

Chuvieco, Emilio; Alonso-Canas, Itziar; Padilla, Marc; Ramo, Ruben

Hardening structures to resist wildland-urban (WUI) fire exposures

Manzello, Samuel L.

Ignition of wood subjected to the dynamic radiant energy flux

Filkov, Alexander; Kuznetsov, V.T.; V.O, Guk

Improving wildfire spread simulations using MODIS active fires: the FIRE-MODSAT project

Sá, Ana; Benali, Akli; Pinto, Renata; Fernandes, Paulo; Russo, Ana; Santos, Fábio; Trigo, Ricardo; Pereira, José; Jerez, Sónia; Camara, Carlos da

Influence of relief on the vegetation fires occurrences in the urban area of Juiz de Fora, MG, Brazil

Torres, Fillipe Tamiozzo Pereira; Ribeiro, Guido Assunção; Martins, Sebastião Venâncio; Lima, Gumercindo Souza

Integrated and integral forest fire management – Operation Roraima 2013, Brazil

Morais, J. C. M.; Barreto, R. V.; Alves, R; Lima, J. P. P.; Silva, M. M.; Felix, H. C.; Barcelos, M. A.; Cunha, A. M. C.; Balderramas, A. J. P.; Pinho, M. C.; Olivato, C. M. O.; Rocha, M. C.; Macedo, C. F.

Large airtanker use in the United States: what do we know?

Thompson, Matthew P; Stonesifer, Crystal; Calkin, David E

Mapping of forest habitats vulnerable to fires using Corine Land Cover database and digital terrain model

Woźniak, Edyta; Kwiatkowski, Mirosław; Kołakowski, Bartłomiej

Minimum travel time algorithm for fire behavior and burn probability in a parallel computing environment

Kalabokidis, Kostas; Athanasis, Nikolaos; Palaiologou, Palaiologos; Vasilakos, Christos; Finney, Mark; Ager, Alan

Modelling of fire managers’ decision making method

Restas, Agoston

PREFER FP7 project for the management of the pre- and post-fire phases: presentation of the products

Laneve, G.; Bonis, Roberto de; Fusilli, Lorenzo; Ferrucci, Fabrizio; Lopez, Ana Sebastian; Oliveira, Sandra; Clandillon, Stephen; Tampellini, Lucia; Hirn, Barbara; Diagourtas, Dimitris; Leventakis, George

Reconstructing the spread of landscape-scale fires in semi-arid southwestern Australia

McCaw, Lachlan; Reynen, Vicky; Zdunic, Katherine; Peace, Mika

Rekindles or one-σ quality in forest fire fighting: validating the pressure on firefighters and implications for forest fire management in Portugal

Pacheco, Abílio Pereira; Claro, João; Oliveira, Tiago

Risk assessment to achieve fire adapted communities in the US

Calkin, David; Cohen, Jack; Finney, Mark; Thompson, Matt

Searching for a reliable remote sensing method to detect burned area scars for the Andean Cusco region in Southern Peru

Planas, E.; Guix, A.; Pastor, E.; Oliveras, I.

Severe fire activity and associated atmospheric patterns over Iberia and North Africa

Amraoui, Malik; Pereira, Mário G.; DaCamara, Carlos C.; Calado, Teresa J.

Short term forecasting of large scale wind-driven wildfires using thermal imaging and inverse modelling techniques

Rios, Oriol; Pastor, Elsa; Tarragó, Diana; Rein, Guillermo; Planas, Eulàlia

Susceptibility of forest fire in urban area of Uba, MG, Brazil

Torres, Fillipe Tamiozzo Pereira; Ribeiro, Guido Assunção; Silva, Elias; Martins, Sebastião Venâncio

Temporal changes to fire risk in Disparate WUI communities in Southern California, USA

Dicus, Christopher A.; Leyshon, Nicola C.; Sapsis, David B.

The development of forest fire danger mapping method for wildland urban interface in Korea

Park, HoungSek; Lee, Si-Young; Kwon, Chun-geun; Yeom, Chan-ho

The evolution of the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS): future direction after five years of implementation

Noonan-Wright, Erin; Sexton, Tim; Burgard, Mitchell

The flammability of ornamental species with potential for use in highways and wildland urban interface (WUI) in southern Brazil

Biondi, Daniela; Batista, Antonio Carlos; Martini, Angeline

The history of a large fire or how a series of events lead to 14000 Hectares burned in 3 days

Ribeiro, Luís Mário; Oliveira, Ricardo; Viegas, Domingos X.

The MODIS: based perpendicular moisture index as a tool for mapping fire hazard: indirect validation in three areas of the Mediterranean

Maffei, Carmine; Bonora, Laura; Maselli, Fabio; Mangiavillano, Adrien; Menenti, Massimo

Time series of land surface temperature from daily MODIS measurements for the prediction of fire hazard

Maffei, Carmine; Alfieri, Silvia; Menenti, Massimo

Waste in non-value-added suppression activities: simulation analysis of the impact of rekindles and false alarms on the forest fire suppression system

Pacheco, Abílio Pereira; Claro, João; Oliveira, Tiago

Wooden buildings in Wildland-Urban Interface areas: flammability of solid woods used in wood-framed construction in Portugal

Reva, Valeria; Gomes, João; Costa, José J.; Figueiredo, A. Rui

A new calibration for Fire Weather Index in Spain (AEMET)

Romero, R.; Mestre, A.; Botey, R.

Assessing the association of drought indicators to impacts: the results for areas burned by wildfires in Portugal

Bifulco, Carlo; Rego, Francisco; Dias, Susana; Stagge, James H.

Assessing the effect on fire risk modeling of the uncertainty in the location and cause of forest fires

Rodrigues, Marcos; Riva, Juan de la

Assessment and management of cascading effects triggering forest fires

Garcia-Aristizabal, Alexander; Almeida, Miguel; Aubrecht, Christoph; Polese, Maria; Ribeiro, Luís Mário; Viegas, Domingos; Zuccaro, Giulio

Assessment of risk index for urban vegetation fires of Juiz de Fora, MG, Brazil

Torres, Fillipe Tamiozzo Pereira; Ribeiro, Guido Assunção; Martins, Sebastião Venâncio; Lima, Gumercindo Souza

Characterizing pyroregions in south-eastern France

Curt, Thomas; Fréjaville, Thibaut; Bouillon, Christophe

Daily maps of fire risk over Mediterranean Europe based on information from MSG satellite imagery

DaCamara, Carlos C.; Calado, Teresa J.; Ermida, Sofia L.; Trigo, Isabel F.; Amraouia, Malik; Turkman, Kamil F.