Advances in forest fire research

Advances in forest fire research
Advances in forest fire research

Viegas, Domingos Xavier (ed.)

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra

ISBN: 978-989-26-0884-6 (PDF)

Table of Contents
Evaluation of a system for automatic dead fine fuel moisture measurements

Schunk, Christian; Leuchner, Michael; Menzel, Annette

Expanding the horizons of wildfire risk management

Thompson, Matthew P Thompsona; Scott, Joe; Gilbertson-Day, Julie W; Haas, Jessica R; Calkin, David E

Fine forest fuels moisture content monitoring in Central Portugal: a long term experiment

Lopes, Sérgio; Viegas, Domingos Xavier; Lemos, Luís de; Viegas, Maria Teresa

Fire and deforestation processes represented in vegetation models for the Brazilian Amazonia

Cardoso, Manoel; Sampaio, Gilvan; Capistrano, Vinicius; Sanches, Marcos

FireDST: a simulation system for short-term ensemble modelling of bushfire spread and exposure

French, Ian A.; Duff, Thomas J.; Cechet, Robert (Bob) P.; Tolhurst, Kevin G.; Kepert, Jeff D.; Meyer, Mick

Fuel types identification for forest fire risk assessment in Bulgaria

Velizarova, E.; Stankova, T.; Glushkova, M.; Xanthopoulos, G.; Konstantinov, Vl.; Dimitrov, D. N.

Global assessment of fire risk: using a global fuel map and climatological data to estimate fire behavior with FCCS

Pettinari, M. Lucrecia; Chuvieco, Emilio

Haines Index and the forest fires in the Adriatic region of Croatia

Kozaric, Tomislav; Mokoric, Marija

Impacts of climate change on forest fire risk in Paraná State-Brazil

Batista, Antonio Carlos; Tetto, Alexandre França; Deppe, Flavio; Grodzki, Leocádio

Impacts of climate change on the fire regime in Portugal

DaCamara, Carlos C.; Pereira, Mário G.; Calado, Teresa J.; Calheiros, Tomás

Investigation of the weather conditions leading to large forest fires in the area around Athens, Greece

Xanthopoulos, G.; Roussos, A.; Giannakopoulos, C.; Karali, A.; Hatzaki, M.

Modeling fire behaviour and carbon emissions

Groot, William J. de; Cantin, Alan S.; Jurko, Natasha; Newbery, Alison

New method of forecasting forest fire risk in Poland

Kwiatkowski, Mirosław; Szczygieł, Ryszard; Kołakowski, Bartłomiej

Potential impact of climate change on live fuel moisture dynamic at local scale

Pellizzaro, Grazia; Dubrovsky, Martin; Bortolu, Sara; Arca, Bachisio; Ventura, Andrea; Duce, Pierpaolo

Predicting wildfire ignitions, escapes, and large fire activity using Predictive Service’s 7-Day Fire Potential Outlook in the western USA

Riley, Karin L.; Stonesifer, Crystal; Preisler, Preisler; Calkin, Dave

Pyroclimatic classification of Mediterranean and mountain landscapes of south-eastern France

Fréjaville, Thibaut; Curt, Thomas

Rainfall effects on fine forest fuels moisture content

Lopes, Sérgio; Viegas, Domingos Xavier; Lemos, Luís de; Viegas, Maria Teresa

Statistical evaluation of site-specific wildfire risk index calculation for Adriatic regions

Bugarić, Marin; Stipaničev, Darko; Šerić, Ljiljana

The development of a web-application for improved wildfire risk management in Lebanon

Mitri, George; Jazi, Mireille; Antoun, Edward; McWethy, David; Kahaleh, Rabih; Nader, Manal

The weather circulation analysis over Adriatic region of Croatia in warm period 1981-2013

Mokorić, Marija; Kalin, Lovro

Understanding risk: representing fire danger using spatially explicit fire simulation ensembles

Duff, Thomas J.; Chong, Derek M.; Cirulis, Brett A.; Walsh, Sean F.; Penman, Trent D.; Tolhust, Kevin G.

Use of weather generators for assessing local scale impact of climate change on dead fuel moisture

Pellizzaro, Grazia; Dubrovsky, Martin; Bortolu, Sara; Arca, Bachisio; Ventura, Andrea; Duce, Pierpaolo

A Landsat-TM/OLI algorithm for burned areas in the Brazilian Cerrado: preliminary results

Melchiori, Arturo E.; W. Setzer, Alberto; Morelli, Fabiano; Libonati, Renata; Cândido, Pietro de Almeida; Jesús, Silvia C. de

A wearable system for firefighters smoke exposure monitoring

Azevedo, P.; Marques, F.; Fernandes, J.M.; Amorim, J.H.; Valente, J.; Miranda, A.I.; Borrego, C.; Cunha, J.P.S.

Analysis of the effectiveness of fire detection systems in different dimensions

Restas, Agoston

Analysis of the thermophysiological response to cooling techniques in firefighters

Abreu, R. Marcelo; Raimundo, António M.; Quintela, Divo A.

Consideration of an empirical model for wildland firefighter safety zones

Butler, B.

Determining a safety condition in the prevention of eruptive fires

F.J., Chatelon; J.H., Balbi; J.L., Rossi; A., Simeoni; D.X., Viegas; T., Marcelli

Development and application of wildfire suppression expenditure models for decision support and landscape planning

Hand, Michael S.; Thompson, Matthew P.; Calkin, David E.

Evaluating wildfire simulators using historical fire data

Milne, George J; Kelso, Joel K; Mellor, Drew; Murphy, Mary E

Fire detection with a frame-less vision sensor working in the NIR band

Leñero-Bardallo, Juan A.; Fernández-Berni, Jorge; Carmona-Galán, Ricardo; Häfliger, Philipp; Rodríguez-Vázquez, Ángel

Fire safety management based on integrated monitoring and forecast of smoke exposure

Amorim, J.H.; Miranda, A.I.; Valente, J.; Marques, F.; Borrego, C.; Fernandes, J.M.; Ottmar, R.; Prichard, S.J.; Andreu, A.; Fernandes, P.M.; Cunha, J.P.S.

Forest fire detection wireless sensor node

Sakr, George E.; Ajour, Rafik; Khaddaj, Areej; Saab, Bahaa; Salman, Alaa; Helal, Ola; Elhajj, Imad H.; Mitri, George

Generation of simulated ignitions for the continental United States

Grenfell, Isaac C.; Finney, Mark A.; Trethewey, Dianne

Hose laying rates for forest firefighting in Greece

Xanthopoulos, Gavriil; Kousaridas, Ioannis

Instant foam technology to improve aerial firefighting effectiveness

Restas, Agoston

Mobile application based on a physical model to calculate Acceptable Safety Distance

Bisgambiglia, Paul-Antoine; Franceschini, Romain; Chatelon, François-Joseph; Rossi, Jean-Louis; Bisgambiglia, Paul Antoine

Monitoring forest fires and burnings with weather radar

Saraiva, Ernandes A.; Soares, Ronaldo Viana; Batista, Antônio Carlos; Tertuliano, Horácio; Gomes, Ana Maria

Monitoring the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere in Portugal due to forest fires, in the summer of 2013

Bugalho, Lourdes; Pessanha, Luís; Ribeiro, L. M.; Almeida, M.; Oliveira, Ricardo; Viegas, D. X.

New generation of automatic ground based wildfire surveillance systems

Stipaničev, Darko; Bugarić, Marin; Krstinić, Damir; Šerić, Ljiljana; Jakovčević, Toni; Braović, Maja; Štula, Maja