Advances in forest fire research 2018

Advances in forest fire research 2018
Advances in forest fire research 2018

Viegas, Domingos Xavier (ed.)

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra


Table of Contents
System for personnel training in decision making of wildfires fighting

Dorrer, Georgy; Dorrer, Alexandra; Buslov, Igor; Yarovoy, Sergey

The Spark Wildfire Prediction System

Hilton, J. E.; Sullivan, A. L.; Swedosh, W.; Cruz, M. G.; Plucinski, M. P.; Hurley, R. J.; Huston, C.; Prakash, M.

Tracking of uncertainty when aggregating from fine to coarse spatial resolution

Brennan, J.; Lewis, P.; Gómez-Dans, J.; Chernetskiy, M.; Chuvieco, E.; Lizundia, J.; Campagnolo, M.; Pereira, J.; Oom, D.

Wildfires: web application concept and prototype

Nieves, Sandra; Mordvinova, Olga

Effects of law enforcement efforts on intentional wildfires

Prestemon, J.; Butry, D.; Chas-Amil, M. L.; Touza4, J.

Human perception of fire hazard in wildland urban interface areas: a Portuguese survey analysis of spot fires

Oliveira, Ricardo; Oliveira, Sandra; Zêzere, José; Viegas, Domingos

Integrating paleoecology into landscape management

Brown, Kendrick J.; Power, Mitchell J.; Hebda, Nicholas J.R.

Modeling the productivity of forest fire suppression operations using production functions: a methodological approach

Rodríguez y Silva, Francisco; Hand, Michael

Residents' experiences of the 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire, Alberta

McGee, Tara K.

Risk assessment and reflections on socio-economic perception of wildfires at the fireshed level

Mitri, George; Bechara, Joseph; Nehme, Maya

The consideration of arson for forest fires caused by traditional uses of fire prohibited in Spain: a problem under discussion

Martínez-Navarro, José Mª; Vázquez-Varela, Carmen

A universal rate of spread index for Australian fuel types

Sharples, Jason J.; Bahri, Mona F. Z.; Huntley, Steve

Assessment of wildfire exposure and vulnerability factors in Alvares, Góis: integration of structural and dynamic factors at the local scale

Oliveira, Sandra; Gonçalves, Ana; Benali, Akli; Sá, Ana; Zêzere, José Luís; Pereira, José Miguel

Causes of forest fires in Federal Conservation Units of Brazil from 2006 to 2012

Costa, Aline das Graças; Torres, Fillipe Tamiozzo Pereira; Lima, Gumercindo Souza; Silva Júnior, Milton Ribas da; Zanuncio, José Cola

Climate-induced variations in global severe fire weather conditions

Jolly, W. Matt; Freeborn, Patrick

Cohesive forest fire management within an imperfect information environment: a review of risk handling and Decision Support Systems actually in use

Pacheco, Abílio P.; Claro, João; Fernandes, Paulo M.; Neufville, Richard de; Oliveira, Tiago M.; Borges, José G.; Rodrigues, José Coelho

Extreme weather conditions: the role of an heat wave on wildfires in Portugal

Parente, Joana; Pereira, Mário G.; Amraoui, Malik; Fischer, E. M.

High Resolution Seasonal Forest Fire Danger mapping using WRF forecasts for Greece: a tool for forest fires prevention planning and fire risk management support

Varela, Vassiliki; Vlachogiannis, Diamando; Sfetsos, Athanasios; Karozis, Stelios; Gounaris, Nikolaos; Sphyris, Angelos

Simulating the effectiveness of prescribed burning at altering wildfire behaviour in Tasmania

Furlaud, J. M.; Williamson, G. J.; Bowman, D. M. J. S.

The role of fire size, geometry, and intensity, in “extreme” plume development

Badlan, Rachel L.; Sharples, Jason J.; Evans, Jason; McRae, Rick H. D.

A rapid technique to quantify bark fuel hazard with smartphones

Wallace, Luke; Reinke, Karin; Hillman, Samuel; Hally, Bryan; Jones, Simon

Aliens & Flames: a new research initiative joining fire behaviour and invasion ecology

Silva, Joaquim S.; Deus, Ernesto; Nereu, Mauro; Davim, David A.; Rossa, Carlos G.

Bench-scale measurement of pyrolysis products from intact live fuels

Fletcher, Thomas H.; Safdari, Mohammad-Saeed; Amini, Elham; Weise, David R.

Fire in wet eucalypt forests: rethinking fuel-accumulation models for Tasmania’s most unique fuel type

Furlaud, J. M.; Bowman, D. M. J. S.

Fire, landscape pattern and biodiversity: using fire for conservation in a south-eastern Australian ecosystem

York, Alan; Stefano, Julian Di; Sitters, Holly; Swan, Matthew

FireCaster Decision Support System: on the need for a new fuel description approach

Pérez-Ramirez, Y.; Filippi;, J B; Ferrat, L

Mid-term effects of thinning on canopy variables related to crown fire hazard on pure, even-aged pine stands

Arellano Pérez, Stéfano; Castedo-Dorado, Fernando; Álvarez-González, Juan Gabriel; Vega, Jose Antonio; Ruiz-González, Ana Daría

Multidisciplinary fire science research at the Sycan Marsh, Oregon

Parsons, Russ; Sauerbrey, Katie; Vaillant, Nicole; Queen, Lloyd; Moran, Chris; Cunningham, Matt; Grulke, Nancy; Bienz, Craig; Butler, Bret

A comparison of in-situ fire energy measurements to remote sensed thermography using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Jimenez, Daniel; Butler, Bret; Queen, Lloyd; Hoff, Valentijn; O’Brien, Joseph; Heirs, J. Kevin

Assessing fire severity using charcoal reflectance following a recent heathland wildfire on Carn Brea, Cornwall, UK

New, Stacey L.; Hudspith, Victoria A.; Belcher, Claire M.

Carbon dioxide emission on recurrent burnt peat swamp forest in Raja Musa Forest Reserve, Selangor, Malaysia

Nuruddin, Ahmad Ainuddin; Asari, Nur Haifaa’ Izwa; Hamid, Hazandy Abdul; Ismail, Mohd Kamil

Characterization of long term retardants

Mans, Vicens; Espasa, Sheila

Data mining techniques in the assessment of usability and effectiveness of forest fire video surveillance

Šerić, Ljiljana; Mikuličić, Danijela; Braović, Maja

Drivers of wildland fire behaviour variation across the Earth

Fernandes, Paulo M.; Sil, Ângelo; Ascoli, Davide; Cruz, Miguel G.; Alexander, Martin E.; Rossa, Carlos G.; Baeza, Jaime; Burrows, Neil; Davies, G. Matt; Fidelis, Alessandra; Gould, James S.; Govender, Navashni; Kilinc, Musa; McCaw, Lachlan

Effect of moisture content and ventilation on the burning rate of porous fuel beds

McAllister, Sara

Evaluating ecological tipping points across levels of wildfire suppression under various climate and fuel treatment scenarios on US northern Rocky Mountain landscapes using landscape simulation

Keane, Robert E.; Gray, Kathy; Davis, Brett; Holsinger, Lisa

Field-tested laboratory-derived models to predict forest fire front spread rate

Rossa, Carlos G.; Fernandes, Paulo M.

Flexible design of a helipad network for forest firefighting helicopters, applied to the case of Sardinia

Torres, Hugo; Pacheco, Abílio Pereira; Claro, João; Salis, Michele; Thompson, Matthew P.; Stonesifer, Crystal S.; Diana, Gavino; Cocco, Silvio

Influence of moisture and inorganic contents on smouldering spread rates in the lateral and in-depth directions

Christensen, Eirik G; Fernandez-Anez, Nieves; Rein1, Guillermo

New Zealand prescribed fire experiments to test convective heat transfer in wildland fires

Finney, Mark A.; Pearce, Grant; Strand, Tara; Katurji, Marwan; Clements, Craig