Advances in forest fire research

Advances in forest fire research
Advances in forest fire research

Viegas, Domingos Xavier (ed.)

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra

ISBN: 978-989-26-0884-6 (PDF)

Table of Contents
NITROFIREX: existing technologies and nighttime aerial firefighting solutions

M. Bordallo, Luis; Burwitz, Alexander

Radiative properties of firefighters’ protective clothing worn during forest fire operations

Marchand, Alexis; Collin, Anthony; Boulet, Pascal; Acem, Zoubir; Magnolini, Françis; Charette, Hervé; Lepelletie, Marc; Van Waelfelghem, Yann

Results of the R-20F Method for Measuring the Water Equivalence of the Isolation Effect of Foams Used in Fighting Forest Fires

Restas, Agoston

Safety at the WUI: a firefighters view

Quesada-Fernández, Clara; Quesada-Fernández, Daniel

Safety zones and convective heat: numerical simulation of potential burn injury from heat sources influenced by slopes and winds

Parsons, Russell A.; Butler, Bret. W.; Mell, William “Ruddy”

Sensor grid for fine particles monitoring during a fire: implications to firefighter’s safety

Amorim, J.H.; Miranda, A.I.; Valente, J.; Cascão, P.; Martins, V.; Ribeiro, L.M.; Viegas, D.X.

Sources and implications of bias and uncertainty in a century of us wildfire activity data

Short, Karen C.

Suppression capability of foams used fighting against forest fires with the test of weight rate remained on the crown surface R-10A Method: weight effectiveness experiment

Restas, Agoston

SWeFS: sensor Web Fire Shield for forest fire detection and monitoring

Bismpikis, George; Papataxiarhis, Vassilis; Bogdos, Nikos; Manolakos, Elias S.; Hadjiefthymiades, Stathes

The effectiveness of suppression resources in large fire management in the US: a review

Calkin, David; Katuwahl, Hari; Hand, Michael; Holmes, Tom

The ODS3F project: evaluating and comparing the performances of the ground optical and thermal fire monitoring systems.

Laneve, G.; Bonis, Roberto De; Marzialetti, Pablo; Bakouros, Yiannis; Giourka, Paraskevi; Castellini, Riccardo; Savazzi, Remi; Grisolia, Maria Rosa

Thematic division and tactical analysis of the UAS application supporting forest fire management

Restas, Agoston

Towards an ultra-low-power low-cost wireless visual sensor node for fine-grain detection of forest fires

Fernández-Berni, J.; Carmona-Galán, R.; Leñero-Bardallo, Juan A.; Kleihorst, R.; Rodríguez-Vázquez, Á.

Tropical forest degradation in the Brazilian Amazon: relation to fire and land-use change

Cano-Crespo, Ana; Oliveira, Paulo J. C.; Cardoso, Manoel; Thonicke, Kirsten

Wettability and extinguishing power of different wetting composition for wildland fire fighting

Rakowska, Joanna; Porycka, Bożenna; Radwan, Katarzyna; Szczygieł, Ryszard; Kwiatkowski, Mirosław

A fire effects index for overall assessment of wildfire events in Greece

Kalabokidis, Kostas; Palaiologou, Palaiologos; Athanasis, Nikolaos

Accuracy assessment of a mediterranean fuel-type map for wildland fire management at national scale: the cases of greece and portugal

Mitsopoulos, Ioannis D.; Ribeiro, Luis .M.; Eftychidis, G.; Viegas, D.X.

Addressing trade-offs among fuel management scenarios through a dynamic and spatial integrated approach for enhanced decision-making in eucalyptus forest

Botequim, Brigite; Ager, Alan; Pacheco, Abílio P.; Oliveira, Tiago; Claro, Joao; Fernandes, Paulo M.; Borges, José G.

Analysis of burnt areas and number of forest fires in the Iberian Peninsula

M. Mato, Marta; Luis Legido, José; Miguez, Eva; Caselles, Vicente; Jiménez, Eulogio; Carballas, Tarsy; Paz Andrade, Maria I.

Anticipating the severity of the fire season in Northern Portugal using statistical models based on meteorological indices of fire danger

Nunes, Sílvia A.; DaCamara, Carlos C.; Turkman, Kamil F.; Ermida, Sofia L.; Calado, Teresa J.

Application of simulation modeling for wildfire risk assessment and management

Salis, Michele; Ager, Alan A.; Finney, Mark A.; Alcasena Urdiroz, Fermin; Arca, Bachisio; Muñoz Lozano, Olga; Santoni, Paul; Spano, Donatella

Ash deposition during wildfire and its threat to water quality

Santín, Cristina; Doerr, Stefan H.; Chafer, Chris J.

Assigning dates to burned areas in Portugal based on NIR and the reflected component of MIR as derived from MODIS

Panisset, Jéssica; Libonati, Renata; DaCamara, Carlos C.; Barros, Ana

Characterizing the secondary peak of Iberian fires in March

DaCamara, Carlos C.; Trigo, Ricardo M.; Nascimento, Manuel L.

Experimental research of penetration hearth of burning in the peat layer

Grishin, M.; Zima, V.P.; Kasymov, D. P.

Forest fire risk related to the railway transport and evaluation of the effectiveness of firebreaks

Szczygieł, Ryszard; Kwiatkowski, Mirosław; Kołakowski, Bartłomiej; Piwnicki, Józef

Forest fire severity in NW Spain: a case of study

Fernández-Alonso, J.M.; Vega Hidalgo, J.A.; Jiménez Carmona, E.

Implementation of different techniques for controlling post-fire erosion in the N.W. of the Iberian Peninsula

Díaz-Raviña, M.; Martín, A.; Barreiro, A.; Lombao, A.; Vega, J.A.; Fontúrbel, M.T.; Fernández, C.; Carballas, T.

LIFE ArcFUEL: Mediterranean fuel-type maps geodatabase for wildland & forest fire safety

Bonazountas, M.; Astyakopoulos, A.; Martirano, G.; Sebastian, A; De la Fuente, D.; Ribeiro, L.M.; Viegas, D.X.; Eftychidis, G.; Gitas, I.; Toukiloglou, P.

Monitoring erosion risk with ERMIT model: a case study in North Sardinia, Italy

Secci, Romina; Canu, Annalisa; Motroni, Andrea; Ventura, Andrea; Uras, Gabriele

Multitemporal analysis of burned areas of the Selva El Ocote Biosphere Reserve, Mexico, using satellite data

Manzo-Delgado, Lilia; Franco-Martínez, Aide; León-Rojas, Gloria

Post fire erosion control mulch effects on soil organic matter turnover

Berryman, Erin; Page-Dumroese, Deborah; Jurgensen, Martin; Robichaud, Peter

Spatio-temporal monitoring of burned area to evaluate post-fire damage: application on Fontanès wildfire (France)

Long-Fournel, Marlène; Mattei, Gabrielle; Morge, Denis; Blanpied, Johan; Esteve, Roland; Guerra, Fabien; Ripert, Christian; Jappiot, Marielle

The Greek National Observatory of forest fires

Gitas, Ioannis; Zalidis, George; Eftychidis, George

Trends and changes of fire danger in Italy and its relationships with fire activity (1985-2008)

Bacciu, Valentina; Masala, Francesco; Spano, Donatella; Sirca, Costantino

Validation of burn scar mapping: Pilot case in Peloponnesus, Greece

Eftychidis, G.; Leventakis, G.; Hirn, B.; Ferrucci, F.; Laneve, G.

Validation of the burned area “(V,W)” Modis algorithm in Brazil

Libonati, Renata; DaCamara, Carlos C.; Setzer, Alberto W.; Morelli, Fabiano; Jesus, Silvia C. de; Candido, Pietro A.; Melchiori, Arturo E.

ANN multivariate analysis of factors that influence human-caused multiple fire starts

Costafreda-Aumedes, Sergi; Vega-Garcia, Cristina

Common analysis of the costs and effectiveness of extinguishing materials and aerial firefighting

Restas, Agoston

Crossing the crossroad: challenges for the implementation of a collaborative wildfire management program in Portugal.

Patrão, António