Advances in forest fire research 2018

Advances in forest fire research 2018
Advances in forest fire research 2018

Viegas, Domingos Xavier (ed.)

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra


Table of Contents
Numerical investigations of coupled fire-atmosphere feedbacks influencing fire behavior on slopes

Linn, Rodman; Jonko, Alexandra; Winterkamp, Judith; Runde, Isabelle; Sieg, Carolyn; Parsons, Russ; Pimont, Francois

Numerical simulation of low-intensity fire spread in pine litter

Mueller, Eric V.; Campbell-Lochrie, Zakary; Mell, William; Hadden, Rory M.

Out of context: fire background temperature and methods for its calculation

Hally, Bryan; Wallace, Luke; Engel, Chermelle; Wickramasinghe, Chathura; Reinke, Karin; Jones, Simon

Simulations of surface fire propagating under a canopy: flame angle and intermittency

Sutherland, Duncan; Philip, Jimmy; Ooi, Andrew; Moinuddin, Khalid

Spontaneous ignition of vertically positioned wood samples under time-dependent heat flux

Filkov, Alexander I.; Penman, Trent D.

Toward safer firefighting strategies and tactics

Lahaye, S.; Sharples, J.; Hély, C.; Curt, T.

Towards more resilient and productive forest landscapes: tradeoffs in a recently burned area in Portugal

Benali, Akli; Barreiro, Susana; Sá, Ana; Rua, João; Page, Yannick Le; Pinho, João; Fernandes, Paulo; Nunes, Silvia; Pinto, Miguel Mota; Trigo, Ricardo; Camara, Carlos da; Pereira, José M. C. Cardoso

Vegetation fire management in strict nature reserves

Volokitina, Alexandra V.; Sofronova, Tatiana M.; Korets, Mikhail A.

Wind and slope effects on flame scaling in laboratory fires

Finney, Mark A.; Forthofer, Jason A.; Grustrup, Torben P.

Aerodynamic study of the airflow around a scale triangular prismatic hill for Low Reynolds Number

Conceição, Eusébio Z. E.; Lúcio, Mª Manuela J. R.; Viegas, Domingos X.; Viegas, Maria T.

Burnt area and the wildland-urban interface: a first approach to the Galician wildfires occurred in October 2017

García-Martínez, E.; Chas-Amil, M. L.; Touza, J.

Burnt severity and satellite data: a first approach in the ornemental vegetation in wildland urban interface

Jappiot, Marielle; Bellet, Adeline; Guerra, Fabien; Travaglini, Christian; Estève, Roland

Critical conditions for the ignition of cedar needle fuel bed as a result of firebrands accumulation

Kasymov, D. P.; Agafontsev, M. V.; Fateev, V. N.; Reyno, V. V.; Filkov, A. I.

Institutional engagement and public involvement at the WUI: a case study in the South of Spain: Córdoba municipality

Quesada-Fernández, Clara; Quesada-Fernández, Daniel

Mapping Canadian Interface Areas

Johnston, Lynn; Flannigan, Mike

Risk analysis of LPG tanks at the wildland-urban interface: are regulated safety distances large enough?

Pastor, E.; Caballero, D.; Martín, J.; Planas, E.

Analysis of the temporal behaviour of the number of forest fires in some countries of Europe

Legido, J. L.; Mato, M. M.; García-Garabal, S.; Carballas, T.; Paz Andrade, M. I.

Building the prototype for a new National Fire Danger Rating System for Australia

Matthews, Stuart; Fox-Hughes, Paul; Grootemaat, Saskia; Heemstra, Simon; Hollis, Jennifer; Kenny, Belinda; Sauvage, Samuel; Shackleton, Corey; Short, Lew; Sparkes, Deb

Fire and land use in recent years in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil

Cardoso, Manoel

FireCCI50: a global burned area mapping algorithm based on MOD09GQ within Fire_cci project

Lizundia-Loiola, Joshua; Otón, Gonzalo; Ramo, Ruben; Chuvieco, Emilio

Global generation of long-term burned area with AVHRR-LTDR data

Otón, Gonzalo; Ramo, Rubén; Lizundia-Loiola, Joshua; Chuvieco, Emilio

High resolution weather forecasting applied to forest fire behaviour simulation

Filippi, Jean-Baptiste; Perez, Yolanda; Allaire, Frédéric; Costes, Aurelien; Rochoux, Mélanie; Mallet, Vivien; Lac, Christine

Laboratory measurement of transient carbon emissions from controlled smouldering peat fire

Hu, Yuqi; Christensen, Eirik; Rein, Guillermo

Management of an infrared imaging system for wildfire monitoring

Mata, Christian; Valero, Mario M.; Pastor, Elsa; Planas, Eulàlia

Modeling fuels and treatment effects in 3D with STANDFIRE

Parsons, Russ; Pimont, Francois; Wells, Lucas; Cohn, Greg; Jolly, W. Matt; Davis, Brett; Coligny, Francois de; Mell, William “Ruddy”; Rigolot, Eric; Dupuy, Jean-Luc

Modeling the probability of impact from wildland fires: a near real-time approach

Cardil, Adrián; Ramirez, Joaquin; Monedero, Santiago

Modelling the performance of forest and wildland fire aerial detection systems

Martell, David L.; McFayden, Colin; Santiago, Robin; Woolford, Douglas G.; Wotton, B. Mike

Modelling the performance of forest and wildland fire aerial detection systems

Martell, David L.; McFayden, Colin; Santiago, Robin; Woolford, Douglas G.; Wotton, B. Mike

Rate of spread in coupled models: fireline curvature and pyrogenic potential

Thomas, C. M.; Sharples, J. J.; Hilton, J. E; Evans, J. P.

RPI Engine: visualization in a web environment of post-fire regeneration using Landsat time series

Gil, Eduardo Moreno; Viana-Soto, Alba; Aguado, Inmaculada; Martínez, Susana; Clemente, Julia

The determinants of crown fire runs during extreme wildfires in broadleaf forests in Australia

Filkov, Alexander I.; Collins, Luke4,; Rawlins, Anthony; Duff, Thomas J.; Cirulis, Brett; Penman, Trent D.

The relative contributions of climate drivers on extreme Australian fire weather

Harris, Sarah; Lucas, Chris

Understanding fire, weather and land cover interactions from long-term terrestrial observations and satellite data on a transect from Europe to North Africa

Koutsias, N.; Pezzatti, G.B.; Madoui, A.; Mouillot, F.

Does it pay to invest in better suppression resources?: policy analysis of alternative scenarios with simulation

Pacheco, Abílio P.; Silva, David Pereira da; Claro, João; Oliveira, Tiago M.