Advances in forest fire research

Advances in forest fire research
Advances in forest fire research

Viegas, Domingos Xavier (ed.)

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra

ISBN: 978-989-26-0884-6 (PDF)

Table of Contents
Determining the economic damage and losses of wildfires using MODIS remote sensing images

Molina Martínez, Juan Ramón; Soto, Miguel Castillo; Rodríguez y Silva, Francisco

Fire extremes and the triangle of climate, fuels and people

Brown, Timothy J.; Wall, Tamara U.

Flexible design of a cost-effective network of fire stations, considering uncertainty in the geographic distribution and intensity of escaped fires

Pacheco, Abílio Pereira; Neufville, Richard de; Claro, João; Fornés, Hèctor

Flexible planning of the investment mix in a forest fire management system: spatially-explicit intra-annual optimization, considering prevention, pre-suppression, suppression, and escape costs

Pacheco, Abílio Pereira; Claro, João

Forest fires hotspots in EU Southern Member States and North Africa: a review of causes and motives

Tedim, F.; Meddour-Sahar, O.; Lovreglio, R.; Leone, V.

Forest fire motives in Sardinia through the perception of experts

Lovreglio, R.; Mou, G.; Leone, V.

Human dimension of fire: ten years of Minas de Riotinto fire

Quesada-Fernández, Clara; Quesada-Fernández, Daniel

Identifying risk preferences among wildfire managers and the consequences for incident management outcomes

Hand, Michael S.; Calkin, David E.; Thompson, Matthew P.

Modelling socio-economic drivers of forest fires in the Mediterranean Europe

Vilar, Lara; Camia, Andrea; San-Miguel-Ayanz, Jesús

The efficiency analysis of the fire control operations using the VISUAL-SEVEIF tool.

Rodríguez y Silva, Francisco; Ramón Molina, Juan; Rodriguez Leal, Jesus

The impacts of treated landscapes on suppression cost effectiveness

Thompson, Matthew P; Hand, Michael S; Rieck, Jon; Haas, Jessica R; Calkin, David E

Theoretical approaches for evaluating the economic efficiency of the aerial firefighting helping strategic planning

Restas, Agoston

Theoretical solution for a logistic problem: how to raise the effectiveness of aerial water transport

Restas, Agoston