Acta medicinae legalis et socialis

Acta medicinae legalis et socialis
Acta medicinae legalis et socialis

International Academy of Legal Medicine Conference, 21, Lisboa, 2009

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra

ISBN: 978-989-26-0173-1 (PDF)

Pyrolysis gas chroma tography: mass spectrometry analysis for the estimation of pig bone age for forensic application

Raja, S.; Stuart, B. H.; Thomas, P. S.; O’Brien, C.

Adipocere formation in a river environment

Notter, S. J.; Stuart, B. H.; Dent, B. B.; Langlois, N.

Recent advances in forensic anthropology

Ubelaker, D. H.

Estimating age at death from the size of the growing epiphyses and metaphyses of the femur and tibia at the knee

Conceição, E. N.; Cardoso, H. F. V.

Estimating age at death in sdults from degenerative changes in the sternal end of the clavicle: preliminary results using a bayesian approach

Faria, F.; Andrade, M.; Cardoso, H. F. V.

Juxtacortical osteoma: an histopathological diagnosis in an anthropological specimen

Gouveia, R. Henriques de; Cunha, E.; Santos, F. Costa; Santos, J. Costa

Evaluation of soft tissue thicknesses with the purpose of facial reconstruction in Brazilian

Tedeschi-Oliveira, S. V.; Melani, R. F. H.; Almeida, N. H.; Paiva, L. A. S.

Blood stains analysis on clothes: a case report

Verzeletti, A.; Cortellini, V.; Cerri, N.; Ferrari, F. De

Evaluation of bloodstain detection tests for forensic applications

Souto, L.; Moreira, H.

Mixture detection applying mitochondrial DNA SNPS Vs aditional mitochondrial DNA sequencing

Bento, A. M.; Costa, H. Afonso; Balsa, F.; Serra, A.; Lopes, V.; Andrade, L.; Batista, L.; Oliveira, C.; Anjos, M. J.; Carvalho, M.; Corte-Real, F.

Comparative study of 15 STR forensic loci between a Bolivian population and Central and South America populations

Veloso, C.; Bento, A. M.; Costa, H. Afonso; Lopes, V.; Gamero, J. J.; Carvalho, M.; Anjos, M. J.; Pantoja, S.; Corte-Real, F.

Forensic implications of a single duplication in DYS 448

Vieira-Silva, C.; Lucas, I.; Espinheira, R.

The interest of mitochondrial DNA coding region SNPS

Bom, J.; Dario, P.; Sucena, A.; Ribeiro, T.; Geada, H.

Forensic y-str study in y-chromosome abnormalities

Silva, J.; Ribeiro, T.; Gonçalves, J.; Geada, H.

Species identification from genetic material with cytochrome b

Costa, H. Afonso; Balsa, F.; Bento, A. M.; Serra, A.; Lopes, V.; Carvalho, M.; Andrade, L.; Batista, L.; Oliveira, C.; Corte-Real, F.; Anjos, M. J.

AmpFlSTR ® MiniFiler™ PCR Amplification kit: a powerful tool for genetic identification in criminal cases with low copy number samples

Sampaio, L.; Lopes, V.; Carvalho, M.; Serra, A.; Oliveira, C.; Batista, L.; Bento, A. M.; Balsa, F.; Gamero, J. J.; Corte-Real, F.; Anjos, M. J.

Genetic identification of animal samples (Canis familiaris and Felis catus) in forensic context

Ganço, L.; Carvalho, M.; Balsa, F.; Bento, A. M.; Serra, A.; Anjos, M. J.; Xufre, A.; Corte-Real, F.

The interest of nails in genetic identification of human decomposed cadavers

Pereira, M. J.; Pontes, M. L.; Pinheiro, M. F.

The importance of STR specific databases: a comparative study

Cainé, I.; Pinheiro, F.

Paternal and maternal lineages in Cabo Verde archipelago population

Carvalho, M.; Brito, P.; Bento, A. M.; Gomes, V.; Antunes, H.; Costa, H. Afonso; Lopes, V.; Serra, A.; Balsa, F.; Andrade, L.; Anjos, M. J.; Gusmão, L.; Corte-Real, F.

20 SNP-Plex as a complement method in paternity testing

Dario, P.; Ribeiro, R.; Geada, H.

National scenery of the use of genetic identification technique in the official services of identification and the dentist participation

Oliveira, R. N.; Baraldi, A. M.; Menezes, L. M. Bezerra de

Heteropaternal twins investigation with missing alleged father

Ribeiro, T.; Vieira-Silva, C.; Dario, P.; Lucas, I.; Geada, H.; Espinheira, R.

Degradation of buried DNA samples in different types of soil

Bogas, V.; Carvalho, M.; Anjos, M. J.; Pinheiro, M. F.; Corte-Real, F.

Good practice in collecting samples from human fetus with few gestation weeks

Lopes, V.; Oliveira, R.; Silva, B.; Serra, A.; Balsa, F.; Andrade, L.; Carvalho, M.; Bento, A.; Batista, L.; Oliveira, C.; Sousa, A. P.; Corte-Real, F.; Anjos, M. J.

Dental age Estimation in Spanish and Venezuelan children: comparison of demirjian´s and chaillet´s scores

Cruz-Landeira, A.; Linares-Argote, J.; Martínez-Rodríguez, M.; Bouzas-Montero, C.; Muñoz, J. I.; Rodríguez-Calvo, M. S.; Concheiro, L.

Patterns of cuicide in cretan women

Kastanaki, A. E.; Kranioti, E. F.; Theodorakis, P. N.; Michalodimitrakis, M.

Studies for the asbestos exposure in Japanese urban population

Kinoshita, H.; Matsui, K.; Takahashi, M.; Nishiguchi, M.; Ouchi, H.; Minami, T.; Ohtsu, N.; Yoshida, S.; Adachi, N.; Hishida, S.; Jamal, M.; Tamaka, N.; Ghkubo, E.; Ameno, K.

Forensic medicine professional services in canton ticino (Switzerland): 3 years of experience

Tavani, M.; Andrello, L.; Guzzetti, L.; Osculati, A.

Alcohol and cell phone associated effects on car drivers tested in an expeirmental roadtest

Carvalho, L. Duarte de; Hanaoka, F.; Oliveira, H.; Magalhães, I.; Silva, K.; Manna, M. L.

A bayesian assessment of unexplained fracture as a forensic test of child ab use: quantification of uncertainty using the Error Odds approach

Freeman, M. D.

Perception and risk of exposure to xylene by pathologic anatomy students

Teixeira, M. Dias; Rangel, R.; Teixeira, A. Dias; Domingues, V.; Olea, S. de Abajo; Delerue-Matos, C.

Review of informed consent in gynecological and obstetrical interventions with curettage: a study of 20 spanish centers

Pinto, P.; Morillas, P.; Badía, C.

Fatal electrocution a 10-year retrospective study in the Lisbon Area

Pereira, A. R.; Nikolić, D.; Gallo, F.; Eiras, L.; Ribeiro, I. Pinto; Santos, F. Costa; Santos, J. Costa

Diagnosing death by drowning through the analysis of blood markers by inductively coupled plasma: mass spectrometry

Santos, B.; Martins, S.; Almeida, A.; Santos, A.; Magalhães, T.

Occupational fatalities characterization (2006-2008)

Castanheira, G.; Santos, C. L.; Sousa, E.; Mendonça, M. C.

Large-scale mutation screening in sudden cardiac death (SCD)

Allegue, C.; Brión, M.; Rodríguez-Calvo, M. S.; Gil, R.; Torres, M.; Concheiro, L.; Carracedo, A.

Incest: medical-legal perspectives

Farina, G.; Sciarabba, C.; Stefano, E. Di; Argo, A.; Procaccianti, P.

A multidisciplinary network: perspective on the doma in of psychological violence in conjugality: part 1

Garcia, P.

Domestic violence and forensic assessment: a multidisciplinary network perspective on the doma in of psychological violence in conjugality: part 2

Redondo, J.