Advances in forest fire research 2018

Advances in forest fire research 2018
Advances in forest fire research 2018

Viegas, Domingos Xavier (ed.)

Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra


A model for identifying blow-up fire potential

McRae, Richard H. D.; Sharples, Jason J.; Badlan, Rachel L.

Assessing the increase in wildfire occurrence with climate change and the uncertainties associated with this projection

Fargeon, Hélène; Martin-StPaul, Nicolas; Pimont, François; Cáceres, Miquel De; Ruffault, Julien; Opitz, Thomas; Allard, Denis; Dupuy, Jean-Luc

Calibration of the Canadian FWI system for the territory of Europe

Alves, Daniela; Ribeiro, Luís Mário; Viegas, Domingos Xavier

Evaluation of wildfire danger in the Peruvian Andes: first step for its reduction and adaptation

Manta, Maria I.; Kometter, Roberto; Navia, Alexis

Fires in Portugal on 15th October 2017: a catastrophic evolution

Novo, Ilda; Pinto, Paulo; Rio, João; Gouveia, Célia

Generation and evaluation of ensemble simulations of wildfire spread for probabilistic forecast

Allaire, Frédéric; Filippi, Jean-Baptiste; Mallet, Vivien

Investigation of slope thresholds for flame attachment

Sharples, Jason J.; Edgar, Ross; Sidhu, Harvinder S.

IPA Adriatic Holistic Forest Fire Protection Project: the year after

Stipaničev, Darko; Šerić, Ljiljana; Krstinić, Damir; Bugarić, Marin; Vuković, Anđelka

Modelling of the rate of fire spread in heterogeneous fuel beds based on experimental data

Almeida, Miguel; Viegas, Domingos Xavier; Mendonça, Filipe; Fois, Cinzia; Lopes, Abel

Monitoring of forest fire risk conditions in Portugal with NOAA/NESDIS satellite-based Vegetation Health Index

Bugalho, Lourdes; Camara, Natália; Kogan, F.N

Protecting lives and property: testing tanker crew protection systems

Bessell, Rachel; Nichols, David; Leonard, Justin; Cruz, Miguel G.; Slijepcevic, Alen

Temporal variability of the Haines index and its relationship with forest fire in Portugal

Bugalho, Lourdes

The extreme weather conditions behind the destructive fires of June and October 2017 in Portugal

Pinto, Miguel M.; Hurduc, Alexandra; Trigo, Ricardo M.; Trigo, Isabel F.; DaCamara, Carlos C.

The impact of climate change on fire weather of Daxing'anling

Tian, Xiaorui; Shu, Lifu; Wang, Mingyu; Zhao, Fengjun

The organisation of fire protection in disaster areas using as an example the case of Bialowieza Forest

Szczygiel, Ryszard; Kwiatkowski, Miroslaw; Kolakowski, Bartlomiej

The stand flammability classes

Kwiatkowski, Miroslaw; Szczygiel, Ryszard; Kolakowski, Bartlomiej

Understanding the changing fire environment of south-west Western Australia

McCaw, Lachlan

Veld fire mitigation strategy: a vision for an innovative and integrated approach to managing risks in land reform farms, a case of land reform beneficiaries in South Africa

Shwababa, Siviwe Zukile; Restas, Agoston

Wildfire occurrence estimation in Spanish regions based on Land Use-Land Cover interfaces and biophysical variables

Vilar, Lara; Garrido, J.; Herrera, S.; Bedia, J.; Yebra, M.; Echavarría, P.; Martín, M. P.

Wildfire susceptibility mapping in Liguria (Italy): comparison of statistical driven partitioning and machine learning approach

Biondi, Guido; Campos, Lorenzo; D’Andrea, Mirko; Esposti, Silvia Degli; Fiorucci, Paolo; Tonini, Marj

Climatic conditions and fire regime affect vegetation recovery after large wildfires in Pinus forest ecosystems

Calvo, Leonor; Tárrega, Reyes; Valbuena, Luz; Marcos, Elena; Taboada, Angela; Fernández-García, Víctor; Fernández-Guisuraga, José Manuel; Fernández Manso, Alfonso; Quintano, Carmen; Luis, Estanislao de; Reyes, Otilia; Jaime Baeza, M.; Suárez-Seoane, Susana

Estimation of live fuel moisture content of shrubland using MODIS and Sentinel-2 images

Marino, Eva; Guillén-Climent, Mariluz; Algeet, Nur; Tomé, José Luis; Hernando, Carmen

Flammability of native species of two Brazilian ecosystems

Santos, João Francisco Labres dos; Machado, Igor Eloi Silva; Soares, Ronaldo Viana; Batista, Antonio Carlos; Neves, Pedro Cordeiro; Tetto, Alexandre França

Influence of fire frequency and epoch of prescribed burn on topkill rates in vegetation of Cerrado in Tocantins, Brazil

Silva, Allan Deyvid Pereira da; Batista, Antonio Carlos; Giongo, Marcos; Santos, Micael Moreia; Neto, Eduardo Ganassoli; Carvalho, Edmar Vinícius de; Machado, Igor Eloi Silva; Cachoeira, Jader Nunes

Influence of thermal treatment on the bioavailability of Cu, Cd and Zn in polluted forest soils

Xia, Xiufeng; Liu, Yanyan; Xu, Kai; Chen, Xianfeng; Huang, Xinyan; Song, Shaoxian

Live fuel moisture content: variability, predictability and impact on fire behavior and activity

Nicolas, Martin-StPaul; Julien, Ruffault; Pimont, François; Dupuy, Jean-Luc

Management of firebrand potential through the candling of bark fuel

Duff, Thomas J.; Richards, Penny; Cawson, Jane G.

Optimisation of fuel treatments at landscape level in NW Spain

Jiménez, Enrique; Fernández-Alonso, José M.; Fernández, Cristina; Fontúrbel, Teresa; Vega, José A.

Plasticity of fire related traits of some obligate seeder species in different fire-prone areas of SE France: the goals and methodology used

Romero, Bastien; Ganteaume, Anne

Quantifying effects on fire propagation in woody fuel models using the thin fuels assumption

Blasen, David; Johnson, Jesse; Jolly, William; Parsons, Russell

Soil resilience under different scenarios of fire recurrence and severity in Pinus forest ecosystems affected by large wildfires

Marcos, Elena; Fernández-García, Victor; Fernández-Guisuraga, José Manuel; Fernández-Manso, Alfonso; Quintano, Carmen; Calvo, Leonor

17 years of wildfire detection and management supported by an optical sensor system: field report from Germany’s Brandenburg national forest, one of Europe’s top wildfire regions at risk

Engel, Raimund

A project to measure and model pyrolysis to improve prediction of prescribed fire behavior

Weise, David R.; Fletcher, Thomas H.; Johnson, Timothy J.; Hao, WeiMin; Dietenberger, Mark; Princevac, Marko; Butler, Bret; McAllister, Sara; O’Brien, Joseph; Loudermilk, Louise; Ottmar, Roger; Hudak, Andrew; Kato, Akira; Shotorban, Babak; Mahalingam, Shankar; Mell, William E.

A review of fire whirls in wildland fires

Gollner, Michael; Tohidi, Ali; Xiao, Huahua

A study of the structure of a turbulent line fire subjected to cross-flow using large eddy simulations

Trouvé, Arnaud; Verma, Salman

A two-dimensional reaction-advection-diffusion model of the spread of fire in wildlands

Grasso, Paolo; Innocente, Mauro S.

An experimental investigation of the effect of grass fuel load on grassfire behaviour

Cruz, Miguel G.; Sullivan, Andrew L.; Gould, James S.; Hurley, Richard J.; Plucinski, Matt P.

Assessment of a human body thermoregulation software to predict the thermophysiological response of firefighters

Raimundo, António M.; Oliveira, A. Virgílio M.; Quintela, Divo A.

Cfd study of effect of water drop by aerial firefighting to protect forest fire growth

Satoh, Koyu; Viegas, Domingos; Liu, Naian; Xie, Xiaodong; Tu, Ran

Circulation weather types and their influence on the fire regime in Portugal

DaCamara, Carlos C.; Trigo, Ricardo M.